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Scrollwarden is the upcoming game from Cinderflame Studios. It’s a first person stealth game inspired by the likes of Thief, Myst, and Zelda. We want to make a game that focuses both on strategic gameplay but also delivers a solid and reliable story.

Set in a city that has been slowly sinking underground for the last hundred years, you play as an apprentice to a master Scrollwarden, a keeper of secrets too dangerous to be publicly known. Someone has to do the dirty work – and it looks like that’ll be you. How will you accomplish your tasks? As an envoy? A thief? An investigator? Or a villain?

Whatever you do: remember that the shadows hide darker things than thieves and bandits – and never let your guard down.


Carefully pick locks using our physics based lock systems that forces you to pick locks by feel, not by just knowing how.

Advanced AI

Our AI learns about the world through observation and can make many decisions about how to act when it notices irregularities in the world. Our AI reacts to the world, not only to the player.

Strategic Gameplay

Every mission can be solved in a variety of ways – it’s a question of you choosing what approach you’ll use. Scout out the area, make a plan, then play it out. Don’t get caught!


You can run in, guns-blazing, but you’re not a fighter – it’s better to sneak about. Hide in the shadows, avoid making sounds, and put out lights to get in and out – quickly.